Other Services

Gasket Punching

Gaskets punched out of 3mm insertion rubber, neoprene, nitrile, cork, Flexoid Oil Paper, Table D and Table E. We can also supply bolts and nuts to suit a vast range of gaskets. 

Piano Hinges

We have access to many different lengths and thicknesses, punched or un-punched, self-colour and stainless. Please allow a minimum of 1 week for delivery.


Download our Piano Hinge Size Guide here


 Acme Thread Mildsteel Studs

From 5/8” x 6TPI diameter through to 1 1/2” x 4TPI diameter, with matching barrel nuts.
We can supply for any length stud and any length thread with a maximum length of 3 metres.


Round Bar & Hexagon Bar

We hold Round Bar and Hexagon Bar in stock, in various sizes and can cut to any length you need .


Plating Service

We offer Zinc Plating, Zinc Chromate and Galvanizing.
We can take care of this process end-to-end for you, using a reliable plating supplier (please note: the timeframe is approximately 2 weeks).   


Wire Rope Crimping  

From M3 to M6 with thimbles and ferrules.  

Structural Rivet Tool

Structural Rivets require specialised tools. We can arrange hassle-free hireage for you through a trusted partner supplier.